Tapestry Show

What a great night with Aracely and friends at Tapestry! She also had several great friends guesting with harmonica, flute and vocals. She shared powerful truths about living with the reality of cancer. Her voice was strong and as usual she smiled a great deal- as did her great husband and kids.

I'm still shaky on a couple of the new songs but several seemed solid, and of course I mixed in a number of other tunes. Overall I was surprised at the good turnout and the kind response of the audience as I had some fairly strong things to say along with the intensity of the songs from Cardboard Box. An encouraging evening for me.

Tapestry is a great inner-city fellowship with leadership looking to interact in real ways with others throughout the area. They have a wonderful staff, very cool space and atmosphere with a high view of the arts. Sweet!

And now- Happy Father's Day to you Dads out there 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn




  1. <p>Just got cardboard box,really love hold me you sing so well all by yourself,glory be to god the giver of all gifts! Thank you</p> <p>Steve vai does a very nice amazing grace don't know if he repented of his sins and took jesus as his lord and savior though.</p> <p>On Saturday, June 18, 2011, Ron Hoffman &lt;<a href="mailto:cherebim357@gmail.com">cherebim357@gmail.com</a>&gt; wrote:<br> &gt; You are welcome and very much deserving.<br> &gt; Love?? one?? another?????? Peace<br> &gt;</p>

  2. Thank you Glenn, Aracely and Family, and the Jesus People FamilyGod blessed us at Tapestry through your ministries in song and word, and we are praying for more contact, connection and events that will impact our neighborhood, and love Jesus even more!!! Keep bringing the Deeper Blues from the Heart of Jesus.

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