Soon-To-Come-Gear List For “Cardboard Box” Project… and Update

Some might enjoy knowing what I used for gear on the latest recording- people ask about such things often. I have to insert weblinks but when I can finish it, I'll post a blog with this info., likely in the next few days.

Been doing quite a few interviews for "Cardboard Box" and so far the response has been quite positive. I was able to bring a couple of those songs to our friends at Praise Tabernacle in Providence, Rhode Island last Sunday and they were very encouraging re. them. Grace for me 🙂

Wendi and I are enjoying a few day's 39th anniversary time together. A little work out here at Cornerstone Farm but mostly rest. Today I cleaned the deck and finished weed wacking as she planted flowers around the deck. I put up the grandkid's swings and trampoline, even did a little airpistol target shooting some. Wendi (as usual) cooked a fabulous low-carb dinner. Yahoo!

The hummingbirds are going for it- we re-did the feeders and they are visiting constantly… love those little things!

Tomorrow night my sweet daughter Ami Moss and The Unfortunate (truly amazing group) do a set at Cafe Aroma in Macomb, IL, so we get a fun night out too.

Enjoy the weekend and thanks for stopping by!



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  1. A very happy anniversary Glenn to you and your wife .If only the younger generation would work it out and stay together.

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