Immigration Mercy?

Immigration issues bring to mind the fact that mercy always costs. It does, in fact, cost the merciful. I can???t seem to find any way around this reality and expect that in the end, God???s love calls us each to live in such a way.

It seems obvious nations should and do have authority to determine who they welcome and who they away.

Alas, there are times when tough love is needed- and that rarely -feels- like mercy to those on the receiving end.

God apparently either orchestrates or allows situations to arise where each of us find ourselves in need of mercy and grace. The issue is that we???re all so much better at demanding it for ourselves than extending it to others.

I love Australia and have toured there a number of times over the years. In some ways like -and others quite unlike the U.S.- they are struggling with a great many illegal would-be immigrants. More and more are children. Some of this is about smuggling kids as well… so the issues are thick and not at all clean and neat.

Today I read in the BBC news (normally my first choice) that there is a call by some in Oz to send unaccompanied children to Malaysia rather than extend immigration privileges.

This seems such a hard line to me. Nor do I think the U.S. have much to say in that we take some rather hard lines (regarding mercy to illegals here) that I am personally not in agreement with.

I don't think there are easy answers to these matters- and yet:

Mercy DOES cost. It costs on many levels. Fact. What I'm concerned about is that here seems to be an increasing lack of it -even among actual Christians in such situations.

God help us! -Glenn



  1. I struggle too, Glenn, with our need to be like Christ and show mercy. I also struggle with the need for our country to find a way to spend the money it already gets, in ways that are just, and helpful, and graceful. Alas, they do not, they waste BILLIONS on silly things that they think their constituents want, need, desire. Meanwhile, children looking for abetter life are turned away. The easy solution is to say "if you are breathing, you’re in". Then, we have to find jobs and places to live for these folks…and, well, the whole cycle starts over again. When God was King over Israel, 3000+ years ago, Israel asked God for a King…a human king. God, in His infinite wisdom, KNEW it was a mistake, but he did it anyway, perhaps to teach a lesson, that government of man…is NOT EVER going to work…not well at least. My struggle is that every decision we make, even ones that are full of mercy, backfire, because we are not HIM. Not to say we give up, but to say that perhaps the things we hand over to our "earthy kings" ought to be handed over to our Heavenly King…and his Church. Mercy, grace, peace, justice, yeah…Jesus would smile at that…but lets not fool ourselves…there is only ONE way to do this, so He is Glorified…and its NOT through government and the usurper Kings here on earth.

  2. Immigration is a great issue in that it affects so many people and families. I think we need to start with the country the immigrants come from. What kind of help can we give these countries to make them more liveable for their own citizens.

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