Gearhead & Tour Blog Update

Some may wonder what I take on "fly" dates, that is, when we tour and we are not able to bring all the usual gear we bring.

Here are a few pics of key road kit stuff I can't live happily without 🙂

When possible, I bring my Stamper Custom "Baby Blue" guitar. It's a single pickup (w. 5 position switch) humbucker short-scale that sounds 10 times it's size and fits nicely in 90 percent of the plane overhead bins.

I often fly my very old Gibson lapsteel 6 string for slide playing. Amazing sound!

My two key "boxes" are the Korg "Pitchblack" tuner which even I can read in totally dark stage conditions… best tuner I've ever used… and what is by far the best stompbox/overdrive pedal on the planet at this point: Blackstone Appliances Mosfet Overdrive. I've yet to plug -any- guitar into this box (in either a recording or live show situation) into -any- amp where this box doesn't make it all sound great, period. In fact we have two of them in case one ever breaks down or otherwise isn't there. This guy is a genius!

Lastly, I usually pack my little Smokey Amp, which is a plastic housed practice amp that sounds amazing but even powers anything up to a 4×12 cabinet fairly loud. It's brilliant.

I always pack fresh 9 volt alkaline batteries and then no matter where I am in the world, electric sets sound pretty decent… if the guy playing does his part!

Now have mercy on me: you can find all this stuff online if you look. The one link I'll offer is Kevin's. He does incredible luthier work and also guitar restoration. Note too, my Baby Blue is a custom design he consulted me on, but all the cool ideas are his!! So it's one-of-a-kind.

So- we flew into Denver yesterday, met a lot of old friends and met some new ones for dinner and rehearsal last night as there are a number of both older and quite young blues guitar players in the Fort Collins area jamming an several tunes tomorrow night.

Longtime friend Kent Obermann and the great folks at Eternal Brothers are doing a five band show including GKB tomorrow night here. Kent and his band are rocking the blues nicely.

Eternal Brothers are involved in jail ministry, a food bank, clothing reserve and spiritual counseling in the area, come from a number of different churches and are just good folks. Glad to interact with them on this.

Kent and others including friend and shreddingly brilliant guitarist Dave Beegle rehearsed us through several tunes too and will play tomorrow as well… a treat for myself, Ed and Roy as well as those who come out to the show. Love jamming with Dave!

Then Sun. morning Roy, Ed and I will lead a bit of worship with a bit of a blues slant at the South Fort Collins campus of Vineyard Church of the Rockies at both the 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. services.

Today we visited longtime friends over at Ft. Collins Ev. Covenant Church and I must say, you can't go wrong doing lunch at Famous Daves (rib tips and hotlink for the Kaiz). Then there was the nice bold coffee a little place across from our hotel.

Yeah, well now I get to change guitar strings… the least of my favorite things to do 🙂

Thanks for prayers and stopping by!



  1. pretty cool stuff,i like the shreddingly brilliant guitar picker,and i think he is too,but i love the blues. ron

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