Lest We Forget

Two of the most disgusting and lengthy bits of American history were
(and too often still are) much of America???s treatment of African
American and Native American people.

Tonight I sit watching yet another piece of our sick history- and yes,
I???m quite aware of the glorious history of our nation… but this is
not part of it. ???The Freedom Riders??? on PBS tells the sad tale. ???Ishi,
Last of His Tribe??? tells the other.

Racism by my way of thinking is the nearest thing to rape I know of.
There is nothing but the bitter, raging desire for domination at it???s

Americans really and truly -must- be reminded of these things just as
our German, Japanese and Afrikaner friends in South Africa must never
forget the atrocities people have propagated in wars and against those
of other races, cultures and ethnicity among them.

Funnel down to the truth and you get domination, pure and simple. Who
gets the power, the ultimate ???say???, control?

The fear of losing it, the sense of former ???losses??? and the ???we???re not
going to take it anymore -and we???re not going to SHARE ???it??? either???!
These are all so basic to injustice and violence done.

This is not to say the same core demand does not surface in every
heart and every culture and society in various ways, times and places.
It indeed does.

I often come back to the book of James and his ultra-clarity on the
issue of how and why wars happen. There are many ???wars??? that take
place between two or more people, so of course between people of the
dominating race, ethnicity or political position and those in a

It can and should be said that majority OR minority, all have sinned
and fallen short of the glory of God. No doubt there are a load of
folks who simply due to their minority status think they???re fully or
mostly correct when at times they flat aren???t! And yet, the dominating
group often plays the power game and in the case of American
atrocities, what we often did and do in treatment of Native Americans
and people of color in the United States cannot be called anything
other than sin and a disgrace.

We need reminders. Every so often we need to look at our sad, even
sick displays of injustice and cringe. We need to remember how easy it
is to fall into this inhumane ability we each have which can surface
in the face of changes we don???t wish to tolerate.

Over and over these realities boil up in human history. They indeed
have boiled over in American history. We need to remember. We need to
face realities both good and gracious as well as ugly and sad as both
are needful for a better future.

Our history is our history. May it inform our choices and in
particular, true followers of Jesus to act like thoughtful, loving
people who understand and live out His command to love our neighbor as
ourselves -regardless of who that neighbor is!

This is often not easy or fun. It is in many cases quite costly and
even sacrificial. And it is one of the two most important commands
Jesus ever put upon us. God help us walk it out in our dealings with
our neighbor.

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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