Spring, Changes, The Way Things Are

Spring is a wonderful time. There are signs of new life, the greening
of things, growth, pretty and vibrant colors.

Here are some photos of what’s growin’ in our JPUSA sideyard
garden here in Uptown, Chicago.

Been noticing all the magnolia and other budding trees recently…
redbuds (only red rarely- mostly purple… but I digress:) and of
course Spring is a traditional time for weddings.

In Spring the weather warms up, people get the sense of getting out of
school… but for people who follow Jesus the “school of the Spirit”
never closes… and a good thing too!

The seasons are about change, and though some begin to get that
wanderlust, that “I wanna get out of
[fill-in-the-blank] school/work/thistownIamin/whereorwhatever”, in the
end where ever you go, there you are.

Sure, there is a romance and sense of freedom in change. Good stuff.
But that’s not the only reality.

Change is largely- and most difficultly to be honest- INternal more
than external.

We often think changing location will bring a change of heart.

In one sense that’s true, or can be.

If I have to work rather than hit mom and dad’s fridge or pantry, then
I learn to be responsible and not live a 15-year old’s life anymore.

When I have to pay bills, I begin to think about the work involved in
work (yep, you read that right) and can no longer just lean on others
to -LIVE MY LIFE FOR ME-… which is a dysfunctional trap.

Becoming an actual adult involves far more than the age on your
driver’s license or passport. It truly is about responsible choices,
relationships and yes: work.

There are those who’s mental/emotional or physical illness is so deep
and great that they really cannot function in the everyday work world.

But how often we’ve seen able-bodied folks who just have never grown
up because they’ve never had to.

I can hear some who are reading this thinking “yeah… those bums who
live in shelters or panhandle in the street… THEY ought to read

Any good shelter or social worker works toward those they serve
becoming responsibly self-sufficient in that sense… but mercy
triumphs over judgment and it does seem to me that some folks’ idea of
mercy has little to do with LOVING responsibly.

Loving doesn’t mean throwing someone into a lake who doesn’t know how to swim.

Perhaps this Spring God is calling some reading this to learn how to
-with the love and patience Jesus provides- teach someone near you to swim.

Teaching hard truths with grace is one of the most demanding things
God ever called me to do, and I admit I’m often not very good at it.
I’m certainly still in “school” myself.

What I do know is that new beginnings often require those more mature
(of COURSE that’s you and me 😉 to learn -how- to pass on this new
life and a sense of personal responsibility.

But doesn’t all this come down to prayer, careful thought,
relationships and of course, accepting and picking up our own personal
crosses in the mix?

It indeed does.

So Spring is not only a time for change and growth around us or for
those people around us… but for US.

Some think of Spring as a time to run, to move, to play, to escape.
Moving may be exactly what God wants… but as always, He first seeks
to move in our hearts.

Enjoy God. Really!

Enjoy the warm weather, beauty in nature and new beginnings as God
brings them to you. Learn to roll with and yes, enjoy the changes and
know you’re not alone in this world as you move through it. Pass it

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



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