Great Weekend Shows And GREAT Devo Today


Wendi and I had a great time with old and new friends, good driving
weather and cool shows at Cup O’ Joy Coffeehouse in Green Bay and Rock
River AoG in Jefferson (both Wisconsin), then on to Motorcycle Sunday
with longtime friends from Warehouse Church in Aurora, Illinois.

I got out my 3 string cookie tin guitar for slide, and a bedpan (!) 4
stringer a good bro. sent me from New Mexico, both made some noise at
each of the three sets. A fun change-up. AND jammin’ with longtime
friends Cruise Machine at MC Sunday… all really fun. See:

BIG thanks to Jan and staff (GB), Todd and crew (Jeff.) and Randy and
crew (Aur.) for all the kindness and great work you each do in your
area. As always, SWEET to work with you 🙂

I must say it was great to sleep in today… got the mountain of email
and Facebook stuff going… Wendi’s teaching in our Project 12
Discipleship/Bible school here at JPUSA in Chicago as I write. I’m on
clean-up tonight, helping to move the new CCO recording along
tomorrow, doin’ that laundry tomorrow night.

Also in my inbox came another -very- cool devo from Dr. Tony Evans
today… just spot-on as can be:

So here’s a pic with a couple biker friends from MC Sunday. I think we
sorta got that “separated at birth” thing going! Thanks for
stopping by, -Glenn

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