Good Friday & EASTER!


These sweet flowers are blooming at our Cornerstone Farm as I write!
Pretty, downright beautiful. But a few things had to happen first.

Wendi had to decide where to plant them. She asked me to dig a hole,
break up the ground, we mixed in the fertilizer and other nutrients.
We watered them well. Over time there had to be enough sunlight and
rain… and a little protection from critters who like to eat bulbs,
flowers and buds around the trailer we steward there.

But last week I went to do some work at Cstone Farm and saw the glory
of these flowers for the first time this season. What caught my eye
was a patch of three in a row, lined up like a parade 🙂

Jesus’ parade on Palm Sunday brought Him into town as victor, as (so
the people thought) the conquering King who was about to restore the
glory of Israel by somehow overthrowing the occupying Romans. That in
a nutshell, wasn’t God’s plan… though it was theirs.

In John 12.24 Jesus tells us “”Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a
grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if
it dies, it bears much fruit.”

We don’t like the idea of death bringing life. We really don’t! We are
so often focused on the beautiful ending while doing our best to
remove ourselves from the difficult dying. I’m no different.

But for life to happen, death happens first.

Years ago we learned that mulch is easy when you have a lot of leaves
lying on the ground from autumn onward. They decay and offer a natural
sort of protection, and when they break down over the months, produce
a certain richness to the soil that is helpful to growth.

We call Good Friday “good” though it surely didn’t look or feel like
it at the time. But it was indeed GOOD. Even necessary. Love gave all.

Thankfully, Easter morning came, a stone rolled away and the Son of
God walked out blooming brighter than any Spring flower can.
Resurrection, eternal life and a love beyond all others began to shine
in our decaying world. Faith, Hope and Love has a new name: Jesus

I am so thankful He did what He did- both Good Friday and Easter
Sunday! I am so thankful love is more than words. I am literally
eternally grateful for the grace of God offered to “whosoever will…
let them come”.

What He gives, nobody else can give!

May you and I truly follow Him regardless of the cost.

Easter Blessings to all! -Glenn

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