Aurora Show, Artist Retreat Weekend, Slice of Life Today

Grace all weekend, well, starting out on Thursday night at The
Roundhouse in Aurora. GKB shared the stage with a number of other
talented musicians. Great response, lots of old friends and I think
made some new ones as well… Great fun, bit of witness, short set.
And the conversations were great.

Wendi had a rough night sleeping, a bit ill so not feeling up to the
artists retreat, so off to Lake Geneva solo for me Friday afternoon.
But she was able to really rest, hang out with her sister later on
Friday, so that was good.

I had quite a time with a great group of believers, Lisa, April and
crew were very sweet, and the Strong Tree Artist retreat seemed a good
and edifying gathering for all. Broad age group too, nice! People
shared songs Friday after I brought a teaching and interacted a lot in
question-answer mode. The same for four more sessions on Saturday
along with some worship time. A great bro. (Michael) brought a fine
teaching and songwriting exercise on Sat. afternoon as well. We
finished with dinner and a prayer, a sort of commissioning time.

Nice drive back to Chicago, no issues… brought smoked cheese home
for my babe (I may be the one from Wisconsin but she loves it too :).

This a.m. Tony (from The Crossing) and various friends led a great
worship set, Neil brought a fine message on Lazarus and resurrection.
Today I’m praying for a couple different friends in trouble, looking
over emails and a slew of Facebook email… will try to respond to
those tomorrow.

Enjoyed a bit of the Bulls winning game, a little football (soccer to
you Yanks) and watched the news, took a nice long walk with Wendi, did
the thrift store thing together, played a bit with one of my
grandsons, held our new baby grandson for a while, now early to bed
(wonders never cease!!).

3 thoughts on “Aurora Show, Artist Retreat Weekend, Slice of Life Today

  1. glad to hear ya excited about people and friendships and witnessing with talks of God in the air cool glenn!ive found a church and am playing guitar there. so i know about the excitment.graditude is attitudeattidute is graditude,krista

  2. Was great seeing you at the retreat Glenn. Lots of wisdom shared and great time of catching up and taking pics of all of you there. They will be coming soon to you.Be Blessed Brother!Gary

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