The Gift(s) of Today

Another amazing day. It began with myself and a van load of friends
driving off to support another friend who asked me to sing and speak
at his brother???s funeral.

I heard the story of a fun-loving guy who like many of us, had his
issues, loved and lived a rocker???s life and died before his time of
illness that took him quite quickly.

I witnessed the affection and sorrow of his father, brother and other
family members and friends, saw the grace of God in hearing how he
prayed and trusted Jesus just prior to his death.

We arrived home in time for me to have a brief nap, then off to my
eldest grandson???s fun birthday party. His younger brothers and a lot
of friends and parents had a blast… they played games, ate cake and
ice cream and celebrated together for nearly two hours. A fun time.

Tonight I was asked on the spur of the moment, to sing a couple songs
and share with a visiting youth group from a church in Michigan. A
great youth leader and very cool group of kids.

All-in-all a wonderful day, and again part of the cycle of a life
Jesus fills in such incredible ways.

Tomorrow, Lord willing, I rise like so many millions will on any given
Sunday, and spend a time gathering with other believers focused on
Father, Son and Spirit.

There was and is no need for book burning, anger, no stark demands
-but rather prayers for mercy. I need mercy, those yet without Jesus
need mercy and certainly all followers of Jesus need mercy.

May we share the gifts of love and mercy God has given us- with more
and more of the compassion and grace our Lord did and does. Good
Friday is coming…

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