Music Gear Update, J.R. McClellan Acoustic Guitar


So much going on. Laundry and more funky music gear building tonight.
A friend’s brother’s funeral Sat. a.m., family birthdays Sat. p.m.!

Some of you know I’ve been building and working on cigar box guitars,
cookie tin guitars, canjos, stomp cases played with the feet, etc.,
toward doing more with found object simple music gear. Fun and so far
so good. You can click on the Cigarbox Nation link on my site for a
TON more on all that. The new cd is slowly coming to completion and
you can hear some of these flavors when the project is released in a
month or more. And you’ll hear more of this in my upcoming solo blues

People do ask about my gear- and over the years a great amount has
been given me. So today I’m featuring one of the sweetest in my
musical arsenal, and I thought some of you acoustic players would
enjoy more detailed info. on my main acoustic six string guitar. So
here’s the link. A good friend (and one of 3 brilliant guitar makers I
know) built this for me. Amazing and humbling.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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