CCO Recording Project- Forward Progress

Still kicking around title ideas for the new CCO project release.
Maybe Cardboard Box which is one of the song titles… I’m not sure

Grrr Records put a little clip up in the News section of their website
where Janet Cameron chats & shows ideas for the art work on the
project. You can hear just a bit of a tune called Urban Hobo in that
clip as well:

Had a nice meeting with Ed (Grrr Director) and Janet this a.m. to see
art, photo and insert ideas, really coming together well! Good chat
with Colleen Davick and Nathan Cameron (our wonderful booking person
and film/webwork dude at Grrr) on some of the details. Great friends
with great hearts and each do great work!

We have 4 of the tunes mixed, really liking ’em! Tom and Roger doing
great work as usual. Hopefully most if not all the rest will be mixed
this next week.

My friend and harp master Joe Filisko has assured me he’d like to play
alongside me in any cd release party as well as various club/cafe
dates in the Chicago Metro re. this project so that’s really exciting.
He’s a true harmonica historian and Tone Monster!

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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