Quite a Day… Err… Week?!

Really, quite a week!!

Sunday rocked… got up early, set up for worship set with Ed and Roy
(GKB did a blues/worship set) including a new worship song, not really
bluesy number. Ran to grab the acoustic guitar, picked up a friend and
headed to a longtime JPUSA member’s Mom’s memorial service, sang a
couple songs there and was blessed at the story of a well lived life
in Him!

Jumped in the van and headed back to Chicago hospital where my 4th
grandchild was born, 1st for my youngest daughter and her husband…
wonderful news as I got the call while driving over… but a
c-section… so a lot of prayer. A few complications so my daughter
was in ICU for a night, but all seems well now and the little fella is
SO amazing!

In the middle of all this I’ve been praying for good friend Larry
Howard, bluesman and servant of Jesus… he’s had a number of health
issues as he travels sooo much doing prison shows and ministry. But
hep C isn’t a fun disease and it’s hit him pretty hard lately.

I just returned from visiting my daughter, son-in-law and new
grandbaby with Wendi, have the laundry spinning in the dryers and may
need to pick my eldest daughter and wife up from hospital after their
visit… and in any case have jury duty early, possibly all day
tomorrow. Then tomorrow night I am off to share a message along with 2
other ministers at The Bridge, a great south side Chicago ministry to
people coming out of prison and street life who seek to know and grow
in Jesus.

Wednesday I’ll likely try to get an update on art and photo progress
for the new CCO recording project, Thursday may finally get a hearing
test taken care of (nice to hear when you make and play music
constantly, interact with people continuously 🙂 and I have a few
other items on the “to-do list” to take care of.

I think I’ll try to sleep in Wednesday if at all possible 🙂

Sometimes people ask me what an average day is like for me… HA! I
really don’t know what average is 🙂

Death, new life, lots of movement. God knows and I’m so thankful He
keeps His promises to give strength!

Thanks for your prayers and for stopping by! -Glenn


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  1. yes, i am so blessed that ivan was born on the day of my mother’s memorial service – it is just like the Lord to honor the death of his saints with new life! thank you, again, for being there, glenn.

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