Mid-March 2011 Update & Message

As posted, the Bike Week shows were amazing. Great fun with a number of clubs (Sons of God, Spirit Warriors and more) involved. Lots of longtime friends at Daytona.

Don and Rhea Overbey are gems and do great music stages at Sturgis and this year, Daytona. Kudos to them for love, kindness and great hearts for bikers and bike lovers. For these two it is truly all about the Good News being shared.

Difficulties were and are with Larry Howard's health, and both he and sweet wife Peggy could use prayers re. liver issues. Hep C isn't a good thing and there are a number of other health problems he faces daily. Peggy has dealt with cancer in the past and on occasion is in need of prayer for follow-up stuff also. I just know these are dear friends and dear servants of Jesus who work continuously to let people know about God's love, often in prison ministry… and fatigue and on-going health issues make it ever more difficult if not on occasion, impossible. Thanks for praying for them!

On the spur of the moment kind folks at Church of Port Orange asked me to come do a set, which I was able to do on the Fri. night. They meet in a cool coffeehouse. Sweet folks and very kind reception. They are part of the Vision 360 movement and have great heart for the arts and in particular, deeper songwriting. How I share that burden!

On the home front, JPUSA (Chicago intentional community of believers I live and serve with) is hosting several concerts this season. Further, there is an on-going project to produce a fresh worship compilation cd. We have about eight worship teams and many writers, so we're all offering song demos for that. Don't know when it will be finished and available but I expect not until the end of the year or perhaps not until early in 2012, but some very good songs in the initial demos! I've written one lately that I'll lead this Sunday along with Ed and Roy. I've actually written several recently of which I've only been able to demo a couple due to touring, but little-by-little now that I'm home for a stretch.

The Cornerstone Community Outreach (JPUSA's homeless shelter & associate programs) benefit cd project is moving along, mixing about to happen and then manufacture and of course Grrr Records will have downloads available as well. One interesting thing on that (to some, me anyhow!) is that instead of filling up the cd jacket with worrrrdddddsssss, Grrr will give me a spot online where we'll place all the lyrics and a slew of extra writing about each of the songs, what I was thinking when writing them, etc.. So those who want to dig deeper into the project will be able to access that as well. I'm not fully set on a project title but getting close 🙂 Blues and hope all in one package. About to do an interview for HM Mag re. this recording.

I am closing in on a few instruments I've built, as well as stompboard sort of stuff, whereby I can work some of the CCO songs and a few others into solo blues sets I'll be doing throughout the summer and onward… getting grittier and mo in yo face as I age 🙂 I have excellent gear which I will of course continue to use but there is something really energizing and even inspiring about using 2 and 3 string, homebrew stuff, etc., that one can make for next to nothing… or sometimes nothing! I have heart to pass ideas on as well because it opens up music for all sorts of kids and big kids (!) who have never considered playing music or blues.

I've been extremely (to say the least) blessed with a wife and kids who love Jesus, wonderful grandchildren and two more of them on the way… what can I say? God has been so kind. My family and church help me toward being the sort of person God wants me to be, that's certain.

Praying for friends in Japan with all the horrible, incredible destruction, for events in Zimbabwe that continue to bring such misery to an otherwise kind, largely non-violent people, for the Israel/Palestine situation, for our military in Afghanistan and still in Iraq- and thanking many I meet in airports. As I've often said, while I do not always support this or that government for deploying them, these men and women lay their lives on the line and need our prayers and respect. Praying for our governing leaders and their decisions. Such needs… and a God gracious enough to turn to with those needs Whose "eyes are on the sparrow". By the way, it's my prayer God help -and convict- the Church in my country to BE the Church and we will have far less issues with governmental policies regardless.

Share. Give. Show mercy. Love enemies. Care when the person(s) DON'T deserve it… like Jesus does for you and I.
Seems to me I read about all this somewhere…

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



  1. Glenn,Where can I post privately to you and Wendi. I am not a professional artists or anything but I have over the past year come through a HORRENDOUS situation w/a man who IS a well known musician. At the same time, both my husband and I are VERY well known in our community and throughout the south as well. I guess if I had to whittle down to my main question for you, it would be if you and your wife doing any kind of Skpe counseling sessions w/married couples, etc. If you would let me know as well as guide me elsewhere if it’s not possible for you, that would be GREAT! God bless you, friend!

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