GK Solo California / Mo. Tour Part 1

Greets from the road!

I finished tracking all songs for the new Cornerstone Community Outreach benefit project… couldn't be happier with those, and expect Tom and Roger will begin the mixes while I'm on the road. I let 'em know what I'd like and they're so good at it I really don't need to be present. Nothing like digital recording, email and cell phone communication in recording industry work!

I also had fun helping judge a cigarboxnation.com build-fest and the winners did some amazing stuff.

It's been yet another amazing set of concert and sometimes speaking situations for me this month! I'm posting this from California (details at http://www.grrrrecords.com in the Shows section) where I'll be until the end of the week, then fly over for a Sat/Sun concert/service with friends in the suburbs of St. Louis, home for 2 days and off to Daytona Bike Week in Florida with my bud Larry Howard and band and several other great blues bros.. Then home with my dear Wendi and family and JPUSA family for a bit!

A lot of flights (the cheaper way is -not- non-stop 🙂 and a slight head cold that smoked my voice a bit… but little by little getting better. People have been very gracious indeed.

First stop was Oceanside at longtime friend Pastor Fred Z's Rushing Wind Ministries/Bikers For Christ Headquarters. Just a great night with Fred and Rhino-man backing me for part of the set. Great chats with folks, warm audience and great fun hanging with Fred. These folks are amazing!

Then it was up to Sacramento and several Calvary Chapel fellowships with another longtime friend Pastor Jeff Jones in Foresthill (sweet family, sweet church, very kind responses) and last night with Pastor Richard and worship leader Danny and their cookin' (and I mean cookin') Monday Night Band. Again, very dear and kind folks as well as great teaching.

Jeff, his sweet wife and girls (cute little doggie) are amazing… life at the Jones hotel is very good. And of course I -so- miss my Wendi & family and JPUSA. Again, the beauty of cell phones, the web and email for the duration!

Next is Napa Valley with another longtime bro., Pastor Bill. Again, all details are over at our Grrr Records site.

I only snapped a few cell pics worth posting but here are some of 'em. Thanks for your prayers and stopping by!



One thought on “GK Solo California / Mo. Tour Part 1

  1. Cool stuff, thanks for sharing Glenn! I’ve seen Fred on Christian biker magazines so I know who he is. I’m prayin for you, lookin forward to more updates 🙂

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