Misc. Thoughts & Confessions on a Rainy Day in Chicago

What a nice day! Well, nice for me… not as nice for my Wendi, she's a bit ill though she is truly "in the Spirit" and that's a fact!

The weather change happened in Chicago today and so her breathing got difficult. I can nearly always predict a weather change by those poor souls with asthma around our house 😦

So in one sense I felt a bit guilty to so enjoy my day so much.

I've always loved the rainy, colder, gloomy days… always have. I don't even know why, I just like the vibe.

We had a great message this a.m. from a good pastor friend who also directs World Alliance Coffee. In fact I enjoyed
coffee while listening after one of our worship teams led a wonderful time of singing. We're pretty relaxed during
Sun. gatherings at JPUSA.

The message was on the temptation of Jesus from Luke chapter 4. He also worked in bits from Job, from Peter's denial of Jesus, and the Lord's words "Peter you will be sifted as wheat… but when you return, strengthen your brethren."

Indeed, I so relate as temptation comes and goes in my life as much as any one's.

Fact is I think sometimes we are numb to temptation. I mean, we sometimes likely don't even know we have been -or are being- tempted, we just do what we think seems good, and sometimes it is while other times, we've truly blown it.

Now by saying this I don't want to put anyone (nor myself) into some hyper-sensitive "look OUT for the DEMONS" mode! That in itself gets ridiculous and after a while one can end up seeking the tempter more than the Lord Jesus! WRONG FOCUS.

But some of us… well, perhaps all of us -are at times so self-centered we don't even know we're in a temptation
moment. Lust of the eyes, flesh and pride of life are indeed very common to we humans.

The other night I fell for the old tv scheme, looked at some borderline (which is across the boundary line for me) stuff for a few minutes and repented about 6 times for being an idiot with my thoughts and eyes.

Really, you'd think after God's incredible blessings in my life, my kind and beautiful wife, kids, grand kids, church, so
many good things He's doing in my life that I'd be nearly immune to this sort of thing! I mean, not porn as such, just the semi-lack of modesty stuff. But I blew it, simple as that.

I fully know what the Word of God says about all of this. I know the promises of God. I'm filled with the Holy Spirit-
but don't always obey Him in a tempting moment. I have dear friends who are pastors and live in the same house with them, have a regular, established accountability with them.

But none of this, as good and helpful as it is- means I always pay attention to the Lord, rebuke the enemy, pray, get prayer from others and and say "NO!" to the temptation when it comes.

No violins please. And no excuses on my part either. I simply know that in this world there are and shall be moments like this every so often.

So this morning the message was especially meaningful to me.

And I am SOOOO thankful for God's forgiveness, grace for me and all of us to repent, confess our sins, get up and grow into more loving, obedient sons and daughters. The next time he shows up with a sideshow, I can change the channel or turn it fully off. I have those options and how glad I am God reminds us of them!

So today was a blessed one for me.

Tonight Wendi got up for a bit and cooked an AMAZING dinner! I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen up, made us some tea and now I sit typing this blog as she knits yet another cool item. Her service is her way of loving and she indeed loves a great deal.

As the years have passed, I've realized my service is also a central way I let Jesus know I love Him.

Restful days are also important, and this has largely been one for me, for which I'm very grateful.

Cozy warm days with those you love and who love you- when it's cold and rainy outside… nice! No fireplace here but that's o.k. too 🙂

May our fire for the Lord burn brighter and brighter. May our loving service and simple obedience to Him and His Word be more and more apparent to Him and an authentic witness to others!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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