Cigar Box Guitar (Well, technically, built out of filers)

One of several “found object” guitars I’ve built. Got a couple more
(quite different than this) in various stages of completion or
half-completion, a lot more parts, pickups and etc., waiting for when
I have time. Fun to just mess with. Most are for slide playing, 2, 3
and four stringers. These things all sound different depending on the
build (wood, cookie tins, or in this case old wooden filers that had
been discarded), where and if one cuts holes in the top of the body,
pickups and so forth.

You never know what you have in terms of sound and tone until it’s finished.

So I’m about to record with it on the CCO (Cornerstone Community
Outreach) benefit cd I’m working on. We’re -trying- to get that
project in cd and online form sometime in May. Mostly acoustic blues
but some very raw electrified stuff done mostly by me on instruments
such as this one sprinkled about on this project.

For this recording I’m using the usual fine acoustic guitar and dobro
and harmonicas, but also a trashed Danelectro guitar with original
pickup but also a couple I wired in it… with a bass string and 3
guitar strings (total 4) on it. Different tuning. A fun trip!

The songs are all about the street, poverty, homeless and hungry
people served by our staff at CCO (and thankfully, many around the
world in various shelters such as ours). Mt. 25 stuff.

So… this one’s acoustic (no pickup), a 3 stringer I use a bottleneck
on for slide.

For you muso’s out there, I find I both write and play very
differently (inspired often) when I limit myself to 2, 3 or 4
stringers like this. The tuning and approach to writing changes a
great deal. Fun 🙂

Friend and brilliant harp player Joe Filisko has kindly agreed to play
on a couple tunes on the record too. Yahoo!

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

One thought on “Cigar Box Guitar (Well, technically, built out of filers)

  1. The cigar box guitar is a primitive chordophone that uses an empty cigar box for a resonator. "Guitar" refers to the traditional instrument and to a string bass. The earliest predecessors had one or two strings; the modern model typically uses three or more. Generally speaking, strings are connected between the end of a broomstick or 1" x 3" wood slat and to the resonator, the cigar box.<a href=""&gt; Guitar for Beginners</a>

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