New COOL Linux-based Guitar/Recording Distro

So I headed over to today as I about 4 times daily to see what new Linux distributions are there, read reviews and such.

Today in the new distro area they listed GNUGitarINUX which is a fresh, free, downloadable Linux distribution (computer operating system) that contains a lot of very sweet programs. Free. Did I say FREE?? Yep.

For those who don’t already know, I LOVE Linux and use it nearly exclusively for all my computing, sometimes for recording also.

Once you learn how to correctly burn a bootable iso file to a cd (or dvd depending on your own system), load a program (several free ones out there for other operating systems so you don’t have to run Linux first) that will burn that iso file to the cd, you’re nearly there. Next you reboot your machine with your new distro cd in your cd or dvd player which will then load most bootable Linux cd isos (systems in thsi case) right into your computer’s memory.

In other words, it does NOT touch, harm or even use (unless you tell it to) your hard drive. The entire thing runs off the “live cd” or out of your machine’s memory. Cool.

You do whatever you wish with the distro and when you close it down and reboot your computer (taking the cd distro out before rebooting of course) your other operating system (on the hard drive) simply boots up as normal.


Anyhow, I’m using this new distro on an Asus 8 gig netbook with 512 megs of ram, and though I didn’t have time to mess with it much, GNUGitarINUX seems very promising indeed.

I have a couple old beater pcs that may have just enough memory and motherboard speed to use this one… and if so I’ll try to install it to the hard drive. Could be fun on an old laptop IF the laptop’s powerful enough. In fact it has a looper program in it… ha… could be fun in a live show too if if if…

Musicians, have a go! And thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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