January 17, 2011 Update

LOTS of Misc. News:It’s been a while since I did more than send up a Tweet to my various sites, so here goes!First, Happy New Year to all!I truly read all my email, Facebook, Twitter and etc. posts. I don’t do text messaging and only do Skype with a very few people. Why? Sheer volume. I’m blessed with a lot of communication but sometimes it’s all I can do to read, pray, then reply to X amount of you- sorry to say but it’s true. THANK YOU for your kind words, occasional criticism and straight talk. I love it and benefit from all of it, truly.Most of all, thanks to those of you who seek (and walk with) the one true God!Many thanks for prayers for Wendi and I, she had quite the cold (still has a bit of a cough but much better now) and is feeling much better.I have done my best to care for her, get her to Dr. appts., pick up meds. and be somewhat of a nurse.Meanwhile I led worship several times in a row here at JPUSA recently, been working on demos for a couple projects, attended pastors, Project 12 staff and Grrr Records booking meetings, a West Coast tour is shaping up, as well as a recording project I’ll likely begin this next week.That project is a benefit cd (and I’ll be doing touring off and on to support it and JPUSA’s Cornerstone Community Outreach) tp help CCO financially and to also gain more prayer support as well as awareness of our shelter work, the excellent staff and various programs that CCO runs here in inner-city Chicago.I’m also contributing some songs to a new JPUSA worship project (no set time to release this, Grrr Records will publicize it when it’s finished and shipping) and I also have another possible acoustic blues project in mind. More on that if and when we decide to do it.Glenn Kaiser Band (electric blues/rock) is doing a few shows this year but due to Ed Bialach (GKB drummer) working hard in the director’s chair at Grrr Records while Tom Cameron oversees our Wilson Building Project, and Roy Montroy’s (GKB bass player) daughter Arwyn dealing with health issues that take her in and out of hospital, I am doing a great many solo shows.Another issue is that when the CCO project is finished, we are going after a lot more metro Chicago coffeehouse/club dates where I’ll bring acoustic blues with the CCO street-feel blues songs and to get that cd out where it needs to go.I’ve been more and more interested in doing cigar box guitar (and the like) building, writing songs around such instruments, doing more harmonica playing and maybe even stompboard/one-man-band sort of things. We shall see… and likely hear :)So rehearsing, going over a lot of fresh songs/lyrics I’ve written and praying about all of these things have taken a great deal of my time of late.REZ Band is doing a one-off full electric set at our Cornerstone Festival this summer and at some point we’ll need to plan the set, and hit rehearsals for that particular show.My youngest daughter (Ami Moss) and husband Brian are about to be blessed with their first child (Wendi and my fourth grandson) the end of March as well… so many wonderful things going on in our lives!My cell phone finally died and Grrr surprised me with a (yahoo… it’s a Linux-based Android) smartphone that is a rocker in terms of apps… and I now have about 20 fresh podcasts ready to post and will begin occasional vod (or vid) casts and upload these as I find time… so you can see there is a lot on the plate around here!I also just confirmed a Daytona Bike Week (Daytona Beach, Florida) with old friend Larry Howard where I’ll jam a bit with him, have his band back me on a few sets, sit in with others as well as do some solo acoustic blues sets. I’m really looking forward to that week in March too.I’ve taken a lot of pics with my new phone too… little by little I’ll post and upload a bunch of photos, audio and video… thanks for your patience, prayers and for stopping by. Just wanted you to know what I’m up to :)As for times, dates and all the rest: I will send all that info. up on Twitter, Facebook, here in WordPress and perhaps via my Posterous site.I’m still undecided but -may- shift everything here in WordPress to my Posterous site and if so, that’d become my main (along with Twitter and Facebook) website for blogs, updates and etc.. Again, IF I decide to do that I’ll let you know and glennkaiser.com will be fully directed to my main site.Grace to ya. And as my Dad used to say, “Keep the wheels down”… as in… “drive safely and not crazy”.-Glenn


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  1. Hi Glen,It’s awesome to see you’re still putting together some amazing songs for our Lord Jesus!I was on staff in the late 70’s of the Overflowing Cup with the ever exuberant Dave Fogderud and taking a trip down memory lane is just what I did on line.Gods’ MAX to you and the whole family at JPUSA!Steve in Georgia now

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