Watershed Cafe Christmas Show

The past 2 years our family has been invited to do a concert at this excellent venue in Frankfort, Illinois. We do 99% Christmas songs in newer and some in more traditional fashion, read hrough the story of Jesus’ birth from the Bible, share poems and a bit about the orgins of Christian Christmas traditions.Ami, Brach and Joby (“The Unfortunate”) do a set, and two of Wendi and my daughters (Ami and Rebecca) join as well as two of my grandsons, singing along with Wendi and I.Curt, brilliant family poet, reads through the Christmas story as well as a couple of his own wonderful holiday poems. All in all, it’s a special evening focused on our Lord’s birth.The staff and audience are always amazing and sweet, the coffee is great… and we have a lot of fun.Last night God put the first snow of the season on the ground and the beauty of it all was quite nice.How blessed I am by my Lord,, my family and the family of God… whew!I posted a few pics as well as a demo of a Christmas song I wrote here: http://gkaiser.posterous.com/“Grace upon grace” indeed. -Glenn

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  1. Hows it going guys. My dad and I are both big fans of you, and he had me listening to Resurrection Band at an early age. I’m a music major at Kentucky Christian University, and I’ve been trying to find either sheet music or guitar tabs for your song "Concert for a Queen". My dad played it for my mom at their wedding reception, and I plan on doing the same for my future wife. I’ve figured out some of it, but id like it to be perfect. If you could contact me somehow I would be extremely grateful. My email is mmarks@kcu.edu. Thanks and God bless.

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