GKB German-Swiss Tour Blog Part 7

Started the day in Noerdlingen, drove through many little villages all through the trip over to Suzlbach/Murr to play (our second time in a couple years) at a club called Belinda. They have some interesting acts there and I suppose from one point of view, we are one of them :)As a matter of fact, my grandfather came to America from Schwäbisch Gmünd area through which we drove today. Beautiful farmland and the autumn colors were out with sun most of the trip. It’s clear why so many German immigrants who had farmed in Germany settled and built farms in Dodge County where I was born and raised in central Wisconsin.Rather full house tonight, very responsive and just had a great set, and a long one. They wanted 2 hours so on this occasion we gave them just a little more than that… and I am ready for bed now, ha!You can see my latest pics from earlier in the day and the evening show over at the usual spot:http://gkaiser.posterous.comEnjoy and nighty-night! -Glenn

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