GKB German-Swiss Tour Part Six

The colors of autumn are getting really vibrant here in Germany. Just beautiful as we tour around the country. We’ve also seen a number of deer, usual single but a few days ago we saw a large herd together, perhaps 12 or 14 running across a field toward a parcel of thick woods.There are shooting stands everywhere, and so I am dreaming of deer season in Illinois in a few weeks. No time for bow this year, but God knows.We’ve also seen a lot of beautiful hawks all over.Weather has been somewhat overcast, somewhat sunny… depends on the moment :)We had an amazing time in Pohleim! Such a sweet family we stayed with again.Their son had been saving coins to give us to pass on to the poor (for our shelter in Chicago) as he also did last year! And the crew was great. A small but super appreciative crowd showed up and were really kind to us on the night.They’d asked for a mix of bluesrock and acoustic music so we designed the set for that and they were quite responsive. Many great discussions afterwards as always, a lot of new friends and older REZ fans as well so doing a few REZ tunes fit nicely.I slept better than any night yet. Next morning we ate breakfast and moved on to Remscheid and the Jesus Freak’s Kultshock club.Last time GKB played at their venue it was very small, tight and black, like many older clubs both in Europe and the U.S.. They had moved to a much larger facility, have amazing sound, lights, stage, bar and backstage areas now, and the audience was as usual, very kind to us.Had a couple extended jams on the evening, got into intense rocking on one and deeper blues on the other. Fun stuff.I spoke with a number of old friends as well as some new faces, various old-time REZ heads and some blues lovers also.A sweet friend whom Wendi and I met at Schoenblick Arts Gathering a month ago in the south of Germany came as well and 3 other musician friends also came along, driving clear over from Belgium! We shared some great conversation and who knows, it may be GKB will eventually do a show or two in Belgium at some point. If and when it happens we’ll post the info. as usual at http://www.glennkaiser.com and also at http://www.grrrrecords.com -at both sites in the shows section.Christoph and crew were wonderful and he and his wife have a cool bulldog named Olivia you will see in the pics. The link for all the pictures is further down. Woke up in the morning to a cool rain and ended the day in sunshine. German weather is like Chicago!The time changes (spring forward, fall back) so we get an extra hour of sleep. NICE. The longest drive comes tomorrow (Sunday) for a GKB set in the evening. So it’s breakfast and hit the road.Two more shows and then a day off with our longtime friend Danu Wisler, director of the Artist and Ministry School Walzenhausen, Switzerland. He’s a great bro. and longtime rocker I always love seeing. Then on to a Blues Service in Zurich the next day.Let’s just say we’re not sitting around too much on this tour :)!I am looking at pics of my Wendi (nice chat with her today) and grandsons. Praying for each of my sweet daughters and sons-in-law, missing them all. We are now half-through the tour.So I will add to this blog tomorrow late after the Sunday night show if we have wifi, and post pics from all three of the these concerts.And if we don’t have the internet at our accomodation I’ll post the at the next opportunity after that.OK- I’m now continuing this blog Sun. night after the show in Noerdlingen. Very cool old city with large gates through which we pass to get to the venue and back to the home where we are staying. Again, REALLY nice people as usual! And a kind crowd tonight. Every song they clapped until it seemed to me too long… but a lot of smiles, again some old friends came up (from Munich) and just a great night for us here.I had another fine chat with my sweet Wendi and it seems all are doing well and having a great All Saints time.After chatting and doing autographs tonight I went out to the van to just cool off and rest my voice. There was a tiny 3 wheel vehicle parked right behind us from a bro. who’d come to the show. You’ll see the pics, one with Roy standing next to it so you’ll get the sense of size. What a trip! Then again if he had Kultshock’s diesel pump… well, just have a look at the picutres.The bro. came out and we talked about it and laughed. Electric, gets about 100 kilometers for about a buck fifty U.S.! And charges up fully in 4 hours, does about 63 kph, but talk about cheap. One-man car but what a hoot!Judith, Carsten’s sweet wife joined us today for tour, I have included a pic of them doing our merch table from tonight. Her birthday is coming up in a week, so that will be cool.Another great crew, pastor and nice audience… we are so blessed and deeply appreciate everyone’s prayers.Tonight we are doing a show in Sulzbach/Murr in a mainstream club where we saw a lot of good people last GKB tour. Should be good.So, I will post the pics from the past 3 days here:http://gkaiser.posterous.com/Grace to all, -Glenn

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