GKB German-Swiss Tour Blog Part 5

Today GKB rolled on to Cal. Chapel in Siegen, Germany. Wendi and I were here when I did an acoustic blues set a month ago, and GKB played here about two or three years ago as well.These kind folks always treat us so graciously! Note the cake (not mine… I did the black coffee) from their cafe.But tonight I did a solo blues set and spoke at their drop-in center in downtown Siegen. A lot of street people, some with substance abuse issues and all in need of both a good warm meal (thanks kitchen servants… wunderbar abend essen!) and God’s love.One of the fine bros. brought me his beautiful acoustic guitars to use, one of which I set up for slide. Such fine hand-built guitars -from the Czech Republic as I recall.I broke out the harmonica on a few songs too.Playing a bit with my very scant language skills, people seemed to relate… and also seemed to like the blues.Some of you may know it takes a great deal to move me to tears. Honestly, it’s usually the Holy Spirit just doing something I expect He feels deeply about.As I shared about my own deliverance from addiction and the love Jesus brings, prior to praying with folks… I found myself stumbling along crying.I have been so touched by our own CCO shelter that seeing all these folks just moved me… to the extent I found it very difficult to sing what I thought was the last song before dinner. As it turned out the meal wasn’t quite ready so they had me two more tunes.I was able to move around the room and shake hands and exchange a bit of chatter, received many kind comments and a number of people were clearly touched. God’s grace and a lot of people praying I think!As usual I am posting pics over at:http://gkaiser.posterous.com/Blessings and G’night! -Glenn


One thought on “GKB German-Swiss Tour Blog Part 5

  1. Dear GKB: Glenn, Roy and Ed,I have been very glad to hear and see you again yesterday in Holzheim, Germany. I always feel a deep love to you and your music and I almost admire your intense comitment to the greatest bluesman ever – Jesus – but now he is King and waits for the starting-sign of God, his Father, to take us home to them to rock and roll !!! God bless!He may give you the strenght to do your ministry during these days in Gernmany and Switzerlandand then back in your own hometown! Going to my hometown!!!P.S.: Please greet Wendy for me!P.S.S.: Tomorrow God gave me a fine method to remind and pray for you: I combine passwords for some computerizing with some letters and numbers, which I find on your Cds and other informations. I have done this without knowing as one of God’s methods for long years for you!The Lord has prepared our meetings long ago ?!


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