GKB German-Swiss Tour Part 4

O.K.- the weather is getting a little colder here, all day looked like rain but it was very light really. Nice audience tonight, fine pastor and just the best time at their home. Once again the staff did a great job at the venue and lots of great chats after as always. Roy and Ed rocked as always, my ears don’t seem to be ringing TOO much and I may even sleep a bit more tonight! Good old jet-lag 🙂 But really, we are blessed.They were playing cool blues on the p.a. before the show, and I was able to do some email, had a nice dinner and we pulled out a few older GKB tunes, a fun night!Saw a few old friends this evening also. Good to hear/see they are doing well too.And Ed played me several new demos I have done, new songs for upcoming cds I expect to record, so it’s nice to be able to listen back to these and consider whether to use them or not, change arrangements and so on.Had another great talk with my Wendi tonight! All is well at home and after the crazy Chicago weather it seems to be warming up a little there. Good!I will again include a few pics and hope to post again either tomorrow night or the next day as we have time and web service. They can be viewed here:  http://gkaiser.posterous.com/Thanks again for stopping by! -Glenn

One thought on “GKB German-Swiss Tour Part 4

  1. Glenno, Remember to include the city, country and place in your blogs as it helps us travel with you in our spirits!Love you, love you!Wenno

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