GKB German Tour 3rd Post

Well- nice a.m. service at Kraftwerk, sweet folks and really good things going on there. Martin and crew, Marc and all are really good peoplel. Just great to work with them. On we went- fun on the AutoBahn… and to our German tours home-away-from-home McCafe. Nice coffee, cheap and I even get sugar-free iced… NICE. Kronprinz hotel and a long rest today after the Sun.night set w. another good e.v. free group, very kind pastor and wife, staff. We always get to work with such kind people! Nice crowd, lots of after-show chats with people. And on to our hotel. Nice to sleep most of the day away. Jet lag is what it is! But then to dinner, internet cafe where I am getting this together to send into cyberspace. I’ve played around with Posterus online before, and think I will add pics via it here, if you’d like to see ’em, then you can come back here to read the rest of today’s post if you’re interested. So here is that link: http://gkaiser.posterous.com/31531081 Nice voice chat with my Wendi today. And I updated myself on news of home and the world. So in need of God’s love in Jesus. So we get to sleep in, off to another city, next is a short unplugged show and interaction with people at an inner-city homeless and drop-in cafe. I look forward to that. Writing more songs for an upcoming cd… and expect to do something (tour, cd) for our own Cornerstone Community Outreach in this next year. Such needs in these days… and a great love to share with those in need. Thanks for stopping bye! -Glenn

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