German Tour Post 2

What a kind crowd tonight! A guitar cable went out right at the beginning of our first tune and again later… but with a few other glitches as well the audience was very, very kind and responsive throughout the evening.Tomorrow I’m up for breakfast with Carsten and back at the church to do a couple acoustic songs and speak, then we’re on to the next show.


Such a warm welcome and great chats afterwards this eveningSeveral people shot pics and a bit of video so IF we see it see it someplace online we’ll let you know.Ha, couldn’t resist teasing my brilliant bassman Roy… getting real serious just prior to the show on his Ipod 🙂


Kraftwerk is a sweet, cool fellowship -the pastor and staff are just gems.


Another shot from our dressing room… love the older style houses… and satellite dish as well. Love that media!


O.k., shower, workout, Complines and zzz’s. I know I have the rap about the house in the wrong spot here… but whew, jet-lag, 3 hours of sleep and a 17 song set… think I better sleep now and let it be:) Love and Hugs from Germany! -Glenn

One thought on “German Tour Post 2

  1. Thanks for the pics and comments. Keep them coming and I am praying you are tired enough to sleep tonight! Kisses and Hugs, Wenno

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