GKB German-Swiss Tour Part 1

So we had a great flight (United run by Lufthansa… always nice), staying at a couple homes of good Christian friends we met before here in Germany.


Carsten has once again taken great care to set things up well. An intense schedule so I must really begin speaking only when I really need to, for singing all these shows, speaking and a little music at a couple Sun. a.m. services and all takes it’s toll on the voice. A great time for prayer, reading, listening and reflection :)I already miss Wendi, but Lord knows what He’s doing so my focus is on Him and each crowd, constant prayers for my sweet wife and family each day and off and on in the night. That’s the way I am able to keep focus and at peace in such a tour. And of course a lot of reading, study, writing and listening. That’s been the ticket for me on a lot of tours these past several years.So it now seems 13 shows and a couple Sun. a.m. meetings. A LOT going on all over Germany and one Swiss Blues Service… cool.My email inbox will pile up as it always does in such times… I apologize in advance to those wanting quick replies from me over the tour and prior to Thanksgiving, sorry! I of course get a great deal of email, which I love, it’s part of how we’re able to interact and help people at times… and when we tour we get more.And I’ll finish by posting a few pics as well.


 A couple are larger than shown, just click on them for full view…My dear buddy and bassmeister Roy zzz’ing in our van after the flight to Frankfurt on the way to our first


accomodation, autumn leaves in a German Oktober


and my arsenal for this particular tour: my own sunburst Warmouth Strat, my Guitar Aid blue strat, my Gibson lapsteel, and four loaner guitars (thanks to all who are helping Carsten and GKB with great gear!!) from here- Epiphone Dot, Epiphone Les Paul I set up for slide to use when I don’t use my lapsteel on a song, Hohner Strat and Washburn acoustic. All good but whew it took some time to set them all up, change strings and so on tonight. Nice to have it done.Time for a workout, a bit of reading, Complines and sleep. Tomorrow night we rock :)I will try to post now and then as I have time (!) and web connections during the tour. Thanks for prayers and stopping by! -Glenn


2 thoughts on “GKB German-Swiss Tour Part 1

  1. Dear Glenno,Keep the photos and blogs coming. Send extra prayers up for noble as he has a terrible cough. Love you, love you!!!!Jay is speaking this Sunday at church here.Your Wife

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