Pass It On?

I spent quite a bit of time chatting with a longtime friend who works in a Christ-focused drug/alcohol rehab center last weekend.As we talked of the many train-wrecks regarding sexuality, drugs, booze and just about any relationships we had, a sad reality surfaced.About the time we began to follow Jesus and moreso over the next couple decades the obvious misery these things produced began to reap more of a toll- on the children of the parents.God gave he and I and our kids a lot of grace… but plenty of others have seen the results of their sinful behavior’s affects on their own kids… and it’s often devastating.I’m not trained in clinical psychology or any medical area whatsoever so I admit to simply guessing at what may ail us in this area.My guess is that some of the issues we are seeing in the last couple generations happened due to parents who were saturated with any number of drugs, alcohol and etc., as many of these children were being conceived. How many social disorders, learning disabilities and at least some mental problems were somewhat passed on to many of these kids as a result of our choices?God only knows.I admit to my own somewhat naive thinking that somehow after the 1970’s or at least ’80’s, mainstream society would understand the pain and misery all of these habits produce.Smoking is again an increasing addiction among a lot of younger gens, while crystal meth., ecstasy and crack cocaine and the devastation these cause to people have increased.As people grow up in a world where fewer and fewer seem to be worthy of trust, the economy is riddled with holes (blame Wall Street business rip-offs, big oil, this or that political party, take your pick) in the end it’s fully understandable why many younger younger people live careless lives.When one begins to pay the piper, “carefree” goes out the window.We can trace so many current miseries to decisions made on the basis of momentary emotion and pleasure and not much else.Sin-nature, which the Bible clearly tells us all have, is in each and every person and therefore generation. But the fact is that many parents made choices early-on that caused a great deal of stress and confusion in the minds of many of their kids.I’m not at all laying the entire blame in every case on parents, please don’t think that’s my point. Fact is, Cain and Abel had the same parents.In plenty of cases our children reap what we ourselves have sown- both good and ill.Many of us have had kids without any noticeable issues traceable to our past drug or other addictions… but in some cases the sad problems have risen up.There are plenty of reasons to consider what we do… and pass on to our children in the process.-Glenn


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  1. Hello my friend,Thanks for the weekend, and the talks. God gives grace, and we know the final chapter in these kids lives are not yet written. I look forward to the day we can reminisce about how God worked it all out for good in their lives as well. Until then, we keep praying. Praying for you and yours, and appreciate so much the time here> Love you! Please pass Angie and my love on to Wendi as well!

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