Change of Seasons

My entire life I have loved the change of seasons. I just love autumn in particular, but there is something about each of the four seasons that is a tonic to me. Change is not always easy but it is needed for real life. For too many, change is not only un-wanted but just too difficult or fearful to want to face. And yet life is loaded with situations, details, both good and bad things that are truly beyond and outside of our control… and unless we learn to flow with change and make peace with the reality of it- as well as at times, our own NEED for it, life will often be a royal pain in seasons of change. There are good and not-so-nice things about each season, in terms of weather and climate. But I find God is alive and moving in each of them. For myself- and both farmers and all others whether or not they know it, autumn is harvest time. It is a time when the grain and much produce is ready to bring to market and much of the world therefore is fed as a result. But of course any harvest takes work. Actual thought, budgeting of time and resources, making careful choices and consideration of detail is all involved for any successful harvest, storing and then use of the fruit of our labor. By now most reading this will understand I am not only thinking of food production, but also spiritual outreach and growth. There is a time for every purpose under heaven, and we do well to consider the time we are given and the times we live in, specifically with regard to loving prayer, thought, outreach and discipleship. Nobody but God knows how much time any one or all of us have left. Let’s use it wisely! Happy Harvest! -Glenn


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