Wendi and I have been fully blessed by Jim and Anne Mills- directors of Creative Arts Europe, their staff, the staff at Schoenblick and of course all the excellent participants at the Arts Session. There are so many skilled, creative artists here, photography, film, sculptors, dancers, musicians and more… actors, comedians, the list goes on. They’ve got a great turn-out and many are offering nightly presentations that have been quite good!Tonight I was able to do a short set and share a brief message and the people were very gracious in their response. There are two of us teaching guitar, myself focusing on blues/electric and a brilliant Austrian bro. named Martin Moro who is doing the acoustic (and dobro) track.Martin is amazing, and tonight we were able to link up on the last song of my set (Fly Away) where I brought vocals and acoustic guitar and he played magnificent dobro. A very cool ending to a wonderful night.Each day a long list of teachers do 4 to 4 1/2 hours. It seems each class is being quite fun and productive, all seem to be enjoying the learning experience together.Wendi and I have had a great time meeting so many Christians in the arts from all over Europe, the worship has been wonderful and Jim’s messages encouraging and stimulating.The weather has been cool (which we like actually) but today the sun really made an appearance for the first time. Kids play outside our window in the Schoenblick compound soccer field, or on the zipline or sand and Noah’s Ark playground, etc.. Really fun to see.We are only now beginning to really sleep at night, and still take short naps or at least rests inbetween meetings, teaching sessions and such. Jet lag is alive and well in south-west Germany!So nice to have web access as too, the usual pile-up of email has not been an issue so far. We likely won’t have continual access as we travel to other towns for shows but when I can I’ll try to post a bit of news and at some point, pics.Thanks for stopping by and for your prayers and many kind encouraging emails and posts!-Glenn



  1. Glenn,it was so eNergiZing to be at the "Art Session!" And it was very cool to talk with you personally. And with Wendi. Once home Sunday, I got out Between Heaven and Hell, Branded By Undercover, Tonio K and others (Music I snatched up at Cornerstone 86!) to reflect on what were significant times at JPUSA in 86 & 97!!! Soul food for sure! Wendi told me singing wasn’t "in her bones" but she was very good, she has what she sang in her gut.Have a bratwurst for me! God is great!! I’ll be in touch.Ron R??gnierArtWorksFrance

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