Podcasts?? Balance & Misc..

Yep, been thinking about doing some podcasts after a looong break. We shall see.Been thinking about the nasty and outlandish statments being made in the political spectrum. Whew! No wonder so many younger poeple don’t care to vote or even think about politics. The ugliness and propaganda is just so thick it’s not hard to understand why some would just pack it in and let the two party system in the U.S., simply eat one another up. Tragic.Been also thinking that balance (see Prov. 11.1) seems nearly out of the minds of many professing Christians. Extremes get more press, more people excited, energized and willing to kill and mame enemies… not exactly how Jesus commanded us to treat them.But “balance” has at times- and yes, can indeed be mere “compromise”. Then again, compromise in a world that is clearly not seeking nor serving God and others but rather, self… well, there is no real balance for selling out for personal gain is the issue at core.So there you go… misc. thoughts to ponder. Bob indeed had some pretty solid lyrics… like “You want it all and you want it your way”.Mercy! -Glenn

5 thoughts on “Podcasts?? Balance & Misc..

  1. It’s sad that politics has become mere entertainment…always playing to a base…entertaining the masses by throwing out red meat. And the idea that God would be a Republican or a Democrat is laughable. Surely our citizenship in his kingdom is of way more importance in the long run.

  2. Hallo friends here a greating from holland.Here we have the same politics ,than they say so than so ….But wat a mercy to have the Lord Jesus Christ on your side . He is my life ,my everrything.he never chaned en He is solid like a rock!!greeting from Arjan from the netherlands.

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