Weekends and Weeks Off

Summer is of course vacation (or as they say in Europe, holiday) time and for us it is a welcome break, often at Cornerstone Farm where we put on the Festival. Woods, lake, ponds, beautiful nature, fish, lots of deer and other wildlife, geese, ducks and in the summer, sun and heat. But all good. And did I mention blackberries?! Really a gift.But time itself is a gift one must not miss…Time spent with one’s wife or husband, children or grandchildren, time in these most important family relationships is a gift and a grace too many either do not have the opportunity to experience due to death, illness, estrangement or abuse… or simply do to a slavery or obsession of a job, poor stewardship of one’s resources or plain horrid economies in a nation and world where justice is often without mercy and the rich get richer while the average family lives from day to day.Time might be a couple of months (the normal summer break in much of Europe) or a couple weeks or even a few long weekends… but oh how important it is to use that time wisely.Many years ago we were reminded by godly people that when on vacation, we must not leave our relationship with God behind either!Packing a Bible, taking, yes- Making time to be with Jesus in prayer and study and to notice people’s needs around us, not only resting and playing… there are a number of things we must not neglect. Divine appointments happen when we’re having fun too!For myself and Wendi, it’s quiet time, devotions, yard sales, movies, a bit of fishing, visiting with family and friends. We bird watch, cooking meals together, doing woodfired suppers, smoking meat for several hours. I hunt a little and we look around for deer and other wildlife on the property and enjoy sunsets that are quite amazing.Visits to local fruit and veggie stands when the great, ripe stuff is ready, walking in areas thick with butterflies, taking pictures, gardening and seeing so many beautiful flowers, hostas and etc., it’s all good. We play computer games and just slooooow down.Time off is needed and many in this world have very little, so I encourage any reading this who can do so this summer- to take some and make good use of it.God Bless you with good rest! -Glenn

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