Glenn & Wendi’s Cornerstone Fest Schedules

Greetings! This is my annual Cornerstone Festival posting of Wendi and my Fest schedules.It’s interesting- every year I hear a few folks say they never saw one, either or both of us at Cstone and wondered… and I always wonder too cuz Wendi’s teaching and my music and teaching slots are always in the online and paper program! But in any case, here’s the scoop for those interested:Wendi:Weds., Thu., Fri. (June 30th, July 2nd & 3rd) all at 2 pm @ Tent X5- “Sex & Dating Seminar”.Glenn:Mon. June 28th 10:30 pm @ Chelsea Cafe Stage- “Glenn Kaiser & Friends”.Ed and Roy -drums & bass in GKB, my wife Wendi, daughter Ami Moss, Brach (guitar) and Joby (keyboard) from Ami’s band The Unfortunate, Tom Cameron (Grrr Records and early REZ harp player), Hodges (Project 12 bro./gifted musician). This set is largely blues-based, begins acoustic/me solo, adding people here and there for a song or more and gets more electric as we go ending with several older REZ songs.Weds. June 30th 8:35 pm @ The Gallery Stage- “Glenn Kaiser Band”.Blasting three-piece blues/rock featuring songs from our various cds, keying in on the latest- “Octane”.Sat. July 3rd 11:00 pm @ Sanctuary Stage- “Blues Jam” w/ Glenn Kaiser, Jeff ScheetzRob Cassells and Special GuestsAfter prayer and consideration, for the first time in Fest history I’m not set to speak, only music and bits of chat during the music sets I’m involved in. I just had the sense that was what the Lord was leading for this year. I end up talking to so many folks in campsites, interacting with various speakers and such that I decided this would be a great year to hang closer with family and informal chats with people.Besides, I have many years worth of articles and blogs on my websites and have steadily added more and have a great more in the wings to add. I may even be able to sit and take in a few seminars :)So there you have the official Glenn & Wendi Kaiser schedules for Cornerstone Festival 20ten!Hope to see you at Cstone Farm 🙂 -Glenn


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