Goodbye for Now- Two Of The Best

In the last few weeks I have been deeply impacted by several events, namely the blessing of my sweet wife and I celebrating our 38th anniversary… and a couple sad passing of friends, two of contemporary Christian music’s rocking pioneers, ministers/musicians that I came to appreciate a long time ago.Kevin Thompson, core force/brilliant bass player/preacher of one of Jesus Music’s earliest rock bands -The Sweet Comfort Band- went home to Jesus after living as a paraplegic for the past several years due to spinal cord injuries.Kevin shot straight- as a player, a business person, in terms of integrity and when it came to sharing the Good News of Jesus. He was someone I always knew would speak clearly and directly about whatever the issue might be. I had not seen him for some time but we had exchanged a somewhat recent email and I both prayed for him and read his up-to-date testimony with awe and thanks. Kevin didn’t live in despair, he lived for and shared Jesus with a passion that few have matched in my experience. He was a no-nonsense guy with a wonderful wife and family… and I know he is fully healed and worshiping the Lord in heaven!The other longtime brother in Christ who also stood tall from the early days of Christian rock to the present we lost was Dana Key of The DeGarmo and Key Band.Rez Band toured and played many a show with both Sweet Comfort  and D & K- and Dana was as serious a Christ-follower as he was a singer/guitarist/songwriter and pastor. His heart like Kevin’s, like my own, burned for people to not only find and follow Jesus, but to truly live as genuine disciples of Christ.Like Kevin and myself, Dana had a wonderful wife and family and a great many people who respected- and I don’t use that word often- both he and Eddie DeGarmo for their love and authentic Christian lives as well as their excellent music.Dana died due to complications with a blood clot. I was blessed to attend a memorial service with many others in Memphis this past week and I can tell you there is a family, church and a great many others who like Kevin’s family and friends will appreciate our prayers. There was and is much joy but a great loss in such passing.”Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” Yes. Precious. These two were in my book and I expect God’s, two of the best. Why?Love and truth, grace and practical holiness are so rare in the “rock star/entertainment” culture. They are at times sadly rare among professed Christians. They were the norm in these two brother’s lives.I and many others can only hope to honor them and our common Lord by following the examples of love, integrity and excellence that is their legacy.I don’t cry easily… but I have surely shed tears in these days.There is no clarity in my own mind as to whether electric guitars, basses and amps are present before God’s throne, but if there are, there is a seriously rocking band bringing honor to the One Who sits upon it.Farewell dear friends- the circle will be unbroken by and by.-Glenn


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