Project 12 Mission Tour, Glenn’s Notes Part 2

Days Six, Seven, EightSo we are having lunch at a rest stop in beautiful West Virgina on the way to Hebron near Bloomington, Indiana.Gorgeous day, nice sunny, a few clouds though just a tad cold, but very nice.And it seems last night a few interesting local people did a bit onstage, mostly cool, one a bit drunk and couldn’t play very well they told me.I was sleeping by then, but in any case most of the P12ers ended up having worship together and then several read the Bible to the group as they drifted off to sleep.Due to the long drive Brian and I crashed out at the bookstore owner’s home and slept as much as we could prior to leaving this morning.From last night’s forecast, it’s quite likely we’ll hit rain up in western Kentucky and in Indiana, but hopefully not until a lot later on so we get some miles behind us.Two large vans both pulling trailers and a mini van complete our fleet… but at night in darkness it’s of course a lot easier dealing with dry as opposed to wet roads.But a great day, people sleeping until we get out for gas, bathroom and meal stops.Well, back to the van for me, a little rest and we’re off again!Now I write on day eight-Slept a LOT last night, though I woke up off and on. When married for nearly 38 years it’s not easy sleeping without your spouse next to you :)So I woke up, did some email, got caught up on news of Chicago, U.S. and the world, went back to sleep. I did that twice, then eventually showered, had a great supper and chat with some of the staff and then with some of the students individually.We got lost (though had great directions from the Web) on the last turn or so getting to the camp last night. Got in about 2:20 a.m. after leaving Charlottesville at 9:30 a.m..Very light rain up here in Indiana, and then lots of thunder and lightning… AFTER we got everyone in the cabins and established a sleep-in day! Yahoo… just a tad tired after the drive :)Curt’s mini-van had a rear tire needing some input, but after he put the stuff in it in Kentucky, it never lost air so it looks good.Both students and staff were gems on the long drive, just really kind, had fun, slept a lot but all were quite in the Spirit considering long drive.We stopped off and on but still, I was very proud of them for really good attitudes.One very cool thing was just before we got to Hebron we saw a couple guys trying to push a car that had obviously had problems… so we pulled off the little two-lane road out in the Indiana sticks, and about 8 P12ers jumped out and helped them push it roughly 2 city blocks distance to a gas station. They were of course thrilled… and I’ve never ever seen a car pushed so far so fast. Impressive… good witness!The meals at Hebron are wonderful and tonight’s was no exception. These are hard-core drug dependant guys that are in a program to change, and the Lord is clearly with them.I’m always blessed when we can link up on these trips and leadership gatherings I attend here from time to time.Today ended up very sunny and bright for the most part. Most all slept long and good, lots of our people swam at their pretty lake, though they say the water’s a touch cold!Rain is still in the forecast but later on tonight, likely after a bonfire we will join with them in. S’mores will be served :)I must say we’ve never had a group of P12ers who are more into praying about Everything and reading the Word together in groups and individually… later this afternoon that’s what most did and as I type early after dinner, more are doing the same. Just SWEET!Some very good conversation, several students are certainly stepping up to lead in more biblical ways and conversations regarding right relationships, repentance, change and growth are common on this trip.God is truly working in hearts.Here, we will do a bit of practical work, more worship/Bible/sharing, listening to peoples’ stories here at Hebron, do the P12 production and perhaps cook them breakfast if they’ll let us before we head to our next destination.So… have a look at for pics from this part of our journey! And thanks for prayers and stopping by.-Glenn


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