God’s Continual Kids

I’ve been a grandfather for quite a few years now, and between that and having another birthday the following thoughts came to me the other day… and left me laughing and grateful to God as well.I and all of us probably look, to God, like my 6th month old grandson.God knows we want to walk but stumble, to talk but coo and gurgle, to sing but can barely carry a tune.He sees us upset when we’re hungry, grumpy and distraught when we’re tired.Sometimes we just need to be picked up and held, rocked and sung to, prayed for.On the dark side, at times we’ll have a fit -and may just need to scream ourselves out, finally learning that fits must not be given manipulative, controlling status!



  1. I’ve thought that same thing many times,… And also, @ wisdom & guidence, etc. that we ask for all the time, and we don’t hear bc we’re so cought up in our own way of doin’ it,..

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