Music, Music, Music

A good bro. with an .edu email address just wrote me an encouraging note about music we’ve done and so forth. Very kind words.He also asked about another bro. who had taken a “no contemporary music” stance re. his Christian walk, and asked me what I thought about the individual’s writings whom the other bro. had been influenced by (there are more writers than the one he mentioned but I’m not going to name names as it’s largely irrelevant). Here is my response to him via email today, Christmas Day in fact 🙂 Blessings All!”Thanks so much (name withheld) for your kind words here.My most basic reply to the speaker/writer you mention and the sort of views that he voices is that if one truly reads the whole of Scripture, focuses on the 380 verses in context (exegesis, not eisegesis) that speak directly to the issue of music (340 OT, 40 NT) you will find little support or rejection for any specific, particular style of music.Lyrics are a different matter, one’s own character and lifestyle are a different matter- and these are both HUGE and spoken about all over The Bible. But if the issue is music, as in anything else for the Christian disciple- one must go to The Word of God for a solid foundation re. any given music style being spoken of as sinful or holy. The text is fully silent on this particular point, and it is THE point people seem to often focus on and pontificate about in such speaking and writing.Sadly, though the Word is often quoted in these discussions, it is rarely if ever quoted in context regarding music itself, and that is -the- issue!I truly doubt those who have led people to saving faith in Jesus Christ will have to apologize in heaven regardless of the music style they may have played in the process of either evangelism, worship or discipleship.As a seasoned old saint once said, “It’s incredible how much light the Scriptures shed on the commentaries!”Ps. 101.1Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year of service to Jesus,-Glenn”



  1. Hi Glenn, came across your music. Was a big blues fan before salvation. Maybe I can have both Jesus and blues eh? Question: your playing and singing reminds me of Rory Gallagher back in the day u listen to him?God Bless,Michael

  2. Thanks Michael, heh… only that Rory is my #1 influence musically and you couldn’t hardly pay me a kinder complimentre. the music I make 🙂

  3. hey glenn, im a guitar player myself and a big fan of your music, unfortunately i have this major handicap of being almost entirely unable to figure things out by just listening to them so thus far ive only ever been able to manage to pick out your rendition of "nobodies fault but mine" "i belong to the band" and "shakey ground", might help if i had more time to spend messing around on my guitar but im self employed (self-enslaved more like) and i would really like to be able to play some of your music with my friends in my youth group, would you be opposed to sending me some sheet music of your songs? if not i understand, it is your work and all, but if you wouldnt mind i would greatly appreciate it

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