Without question there is a body of believers often referred to as the Church universal- that is, all who have followed Jesus Christ in faith throughout the ages, whether they are currently in the literal presence of God or still here on earth.Those Bible figures such as Abraham, Moses, Daniel, David, Ruth, Deborah, Mary, John the Baptist, Peter, Paul, Dorcas, James, John and so many more are part of that great cloud of witnesses the writer such as those the writer of the Book of Hebrews lists. They are before the throne as I write. Joining them are so very many we read about in human history such as Luther, Wesley and the list goes on and on… these are all-powerful examples of those who loved and served God faithfully.As we approach another Halloween, the All-Saints-Day concept is shared by a good many Christians. No problem with candy, trick-or-treat or carved pumpkins with me… just that there are so many saints who’ve inspired me who are now -with- Jesus that I’d also like to remind us of this:If you’re serving God in a solid Bible-teaching local assembly of believers, there are likely several “still living” saints who are powerful reminders of the faith, love, servanthood and godliness that often cause our lives to be spiritually enriched.I suggest as we laugh, party and hit the sugar (enjoy!), and as we remember those in Christ long before us in biblical and human history, as we recall godly mentors and friends who have gone to glory before us, let’s not miss the opportunity to celebrate the inspiration and examples of the saint we walk with daily and weekly, those yet present with us.Makes sense: the next holiday on the horizon is Thanksgiving 🙂



  1. Hey Glenn,Years ago we went and learned about the history of the holiday. They made all sound so evil and what the holiday was. We have kids now and are so torn on this. I needed to bounce it off someone that could give me a balanced look at it. Thanks for your time. I know you have alot on your plate.Tony from Calif

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